Breeder Ethics and Contacting tips:

The following are tips when contacting us as breeders or when contacting other breeders in your search for a kitten addition.

This should not be offensive to any kitten inquiring person, or breeder as it is a general list of tips to assist those looking for kittens and dealing with reputable breeders.

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1. Do not contact a breeder if you are not seriously interested. Many professional hobby breeders have a family, full time jobs, businesses or other hobbies to tend to.

2. Do not comment nor bring gossip to a breeder from another breeder that you previously contacted. We respect other breeders programs, as we would like other breeders to respect us. Like any industry though, the breeding industry has the bad rap of some envious, jealous and petty "competitors". Though breeding cats is not and should NOT be a competition, some breeders like to cause havoc to ruin other breeders' reputations. This we do not tolerate from anyone.

3. Not all breeders are created equal. Some are backyard breeders, some are there for the money, and some are not even educated. Please do your research.

4. Breeding programs are not created the same either. This includes a breeders cats, breeding lines, and the quality of their cats. It is very hard to replicate the same cats seen in other breeding programs, due to breeders acquiring different lines, and those achieving a higher standard of quality after years of true dedication and effort in their breeding lines and program.

*No, you cannot come to visit our kittens and expect to go elsewhere and get the same results in terms of health, personality, and appearance. This also applies to our cats' hypoallergenic qualities.

5. Do not try to persuade a breeder to sell you a kitten. Breeders are not pet stores or animal shelter-adoption centers. A responsible breeder has by all means the right to decline selling someone a kitten from their breeding program.

6. You have to be patient. Breeders at times have waiting lists. This does not mean they will not be able to accommodate you but they require your patience in providing you with a quality kitten from their breeding program.

7. Reputable breeders should screen prospect kitten parents. Responsible breeders should NOT allow his/her purebred and pedigreed kitten/cats go to homes where individuals or families cannot:

  • Lovingly, responsibly and generally care for a living creature

  • Afford the initial price of a kitten

  • Afford pet healthcare

  • Afford quality food

  • Afford spaying/neutering

*Breeders at times sell their pure-bred, pedigreed kittens high in price to shy people away who cannot provide the above. This is done to make sure their kittens will be well taken care of.

8. Remember reputable and registered breeders are not "backyard or mill breeders". Some breeders say they "do it for the breed" but, do they even have information of the breed on their website? Are they knowledgeable on the breed or just wanting your money? Are they professional?

After reading this, we are sure "reputable breeders" will start adding information on the breed to their websites, information they never cared to have.

9. "Survival of the fittest." Keep in mind that there are times when a kitten will pass away, either at birth or even weeks later. This can be due to many factors, including Sudden Fading Kitten Syndrome used to describe the many factors that could result in a kitten passing away. All experienced breeders have had kittens pass away at times, and it is completely normal.

As breeders, we become veterinarians, geneticists, but we realize that survival of the fittest takes place even in controlled breeding programs. God and nature have a say as well.

10. Breeders are important, treat them that way. Without cat, dog, and other animal breeders, we would not have the animal breeds we have today. Breeds are preserved for a reason, and is to continue the genetics that build upon that wonderful animal and their unique qualities.

Breeders are the ones who preserve and improve breeding lines and without them and their dedication, these breeds would be lost to time. Remember that when you speak to a breeder.