Eridani is a very rare Foreign White (W67) Balinese, "Ivory point" female out of our imported female Roxane and our male Achilles.

She is not only an extremely rare cat but a beautiful cat with very soft white fur and contrasting eyes. She's so white and soft it seems like your cuddling with a pillow when held.

Eridani loves attention and is a very active cat. Like most Balinese females, she is not large in size and she is vocal like her mother.

We will be producing Old-Style outcrosses from her for further breeding and preserving of her unique and rare lines. Her mother Roxane's bloodlines come from the true and only white Siamese breeding that took place back in the 1960' which makes her a true Foreign white Balinese cat.

She is genetically a Seal pointed Balinese cat but because she is a true Foreign White cat she masks this color and is only present genetically. She was also DNA tested through UC Davis genetics laboratory (see below) which reflects the cs/cs genetic marker that has provided confirmation that she is a true Siamese-Balinese cat. This same DNA test also revealed that she is genetically a Seal point Balinese.

For more information on the true and very rare Foreign White Balinese (W67) cat and its genetics please visit our Rare points section.

Please stay tuned to Eridani and her very rare kittens as time progresses.

Thank you for your support of this very rare color in the Balinese cat world.

Update 06/2018:

Our very rare and beautiful Eridani was retired and rehomed to a wonderful family in VA. It was her time to finally have a permanent pet home and we are working on other Ivory Balinese outcrosses. We will miss her greatly and appreciated her in our efforts of working on our Ivory point Balinese breeding program.


Date of Birth: June 04, 2015
Father: Achilles of Azureys
Mother: Roxane of Azureys