Lily Bean is a pretty Lilac point Short haired Balinese female that comes from our mentor and her breeder friend in Michigan. Lily is Bliss' full blooded sister who is one of our retired females. She is also Sweet Pea's half sister who also comes from Michigan.

Through a collaboration between Laura Bell and MyBaliSi breeding programs, we were granted the opportunity to acquire Lily Bean. She was recovered from a retired Balinese breeder that kept these breeding lines very secured from other breeders and breeding programs. We are pleased to give Lily Bean a home just as we had done with Bliss who stayed with us prior to being rehomed.

Her kittens come out either short or long haired when she is bred to one of our Balinese males. Short haired Balinese kittens are superior Siamese kittens that could be hypoallergenic more than that of the average true Siamese (no Balinese lines). This is great for those that would like the hypoallergenic quality of the Balinese but with short hair.

Though she can be shy natured at times, she doesn't mind being petted at all. She likes to be given attention and enjoys her treats once she gets to know you better and does not mind being held.

Please stay tuned to Sweet Pea's future and upcoming kittens.


Date of Birth: November 04, 2014
Father: My BaliSi Johnny
Mother: My BaliSi Tye-LA