Violetta is a beautiful Lilac Lynx point Balinese female out of our female Diamond and male Sputnik. She is a beautiful Lilac Lynx just like her mother Diamond.

We are very happy to have produced Violetta in our breeding program being that she is out of very old Balinese lines coming from our male Sputnik from BaliChaton Cattery in WA. His breeder has been breeding Balinese for over 35 years!

We wanted to produce Lynx point outcrosses with Sputnik so we are happy that Violetta will help to produce and continue those Lynx outcrossed breeding lines for the breed.

We look forward to seeing her continuing these very old breeding lines in our program and in future kittens produced by us.

Please stay tuned to Violetta and her future kittens!


Date of Birth: January 13, 2020
Father: BaliChaton Sputnik
Mother: Azureys Diamond