Available and Retired Adult Balinese & Siamese Cats

As a cat breeder with a responsible breeding program, we acknowledge that our beloved cats will one day have to be retired and re-homed with another family. Be it due to space, change of breeding program or the cats age, we want the best for our much loved cats, which is why we must take this difficult step at times.

Though our adult cats are very much loved and cared for in our homes, we cannot provide a permanent home to all our breeder cats due to space and our goal of maintaining a healthy and balanced breeding program.

Retired adult cats, will leave our home ONLY by the means of our approval and my veterinarian's consent. They will leave home altered (spayed/Neutered), groomed, and in healthy condition to start their new lives as a permanent family cat.

Thank you for your interest in Azureys Cats.

At this time we have an adult Red pooint Balinese cat currently available for rehoming.

Ruby is a gorgeous Red pointed Balinese female that was born on 01/20/2018 out of Tootsie X Hermes.

Ruby is a wonderful and very sweet gentle female we had kept for breeding. She is vocal and loves to talk and loves to be held and petted. She is a more reserved, shy cat and though she does not mind being with humans and other cats, she is more of a one cat person type.

She is being rehomed at this time due she not being fit for being a breeding queen because of the stress levels associated with breeding and her personality type . We had high hopes for her to breed but due to she having a more reserved/shy type of personality we find it best that she be rehomed as a permanent pet.

She is up to date with all her vaccinations and is in good overall health with the exception that due to her stress levels associated in being shy she needs her special diet and supplements to keep her stress levels down. She approved by our veterinarian to be placed as a pet and that she should be well in the care she is given.

We prefer and recommend that Ruby be rehomed to home that is willing to care for her more dietetic special needs and that can give her the attention she requires as she is a very smart and willing female.

For further details about Ruby and our adult rehoming fee, please do not hesitate to contact us directly through email or our detailed contact form on our website.

Thank you.